I am an Accounting Ph.D. candidate at York University's Schulich School of Business. I am a qualified Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada) with training in archival and empirical accounting research. I am also an experienced educator, having taught accounting and tax at the university and professional levels for many years. 

 My research investigates how taxation impacts firms’ decision-making process. Relatedly, my dissertation examines the economic consequences of increased global tax transparency. 

 I have started to establish an emerging record of scholarly accomplishments including publication in a leading academic journal and presentations at prestigious conferences. One of my co-authored papers  was selected for presentation at the 2018 Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) conference and this paper has been conditionally accepted at CAR. Additionally I had the opportunity to present my dissertation at the Journal of Accounting Research (JAR) Conference (2019) and this paper is in the third round of review at JAR. 

My decision to pursue a Ph.D. was driven by a desire to be challenged intellectually and to explore new areas of knowledge. As I approach the end of my doctoral journey, I would like to join an institution where I can advance my research interests while working with leaders in our field.